Curb procrastination in four easy steps

In light of the season of finals, many students find themselves locked up in various public places to study to prevent procrastination–for example the Miller Learning Center, the UGA Library or even the new Science Learning Center.

However, this generation of millennials (me being one of them) still often finds themselves surfing the internet when they should be learning organic chemistry compounds.

Here are a few ways college students can practice to prevent procrastination and acing their finals.

  1. Break up your work into sections. It can often be inundating to look at ALL of the notes a student has to study–especially if they are preparing for a cumulative final. By breaking up notes into sections with small breaks in between, students often find themselves more motivated. Senior Katie Elder practices this technique often. “During winter finals my sophomore year, my friend and I each got a dozen donuts on 12/12 day. We would break up the notes we had to study by getting through one unit of vocabulary. Upon finishing each unit, we would eat half a donut.”
  2. Hang out with people who motivate you. Studying with friends can be a good and a bad thing. However, in light of the stress finals provides, studying with people who inspire you can really help with checking things off of the to-do list.
  3. Just do it. It’s a fairly universal truth that students just spend more time complaining about what they have to get done than just getting their work done. Stop complaining and do it. According to,  “Whatever it is you are procrastinating on, if you want to get it done, you need to get a grip on yourself and do it.”
  4. Drink caffeine. According to Forbes Magazine, research done by Nature Neuroscience found that “giving people caffeine after they memorized a series of pictures significantly boosted their ability to remember the subtler details, compared to people who’d been given dummy pills.” Going on, the amount of caffeine given was “a 200-milligram dose of caffeine – about the amount in a large cup of coffee – was the only one to do the trick. So, perhaps, splurge a little bit on Jittery Joe’s crack-a-cino. Sleep might not occur, but learning might!

    Photo taken by Kara Haberstock/